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Name's Desra: Pleasure to Duel You

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Name's Desra: Pleasure to Duel You Empty Name's Desra: Pleasure to Duel You

Post  Desra on Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:04 am

Name - Aaron Hurwitz
Age - 21
Location - Tiffin OH

How long have you been playing Yugioh? -
I have been playing Yugioh, at least casually, since Legend of Blue Eyes. I remember the good old days when all you had was a Yugi or a Kaiba structure deck to split between friends. My best friends and I took a break from the game for about 1-2 years; however, we have been playing "competitively" since around Tactical Evolution/Gladiator's Assault.

Play Style? -
I can play anything but stall. My bread and butter are medium speed toolbox decks. My first competitive deck was a warrior toolbox; however, ever since Gladiator's Assault was released I have been playing one version or another of Gladiator Beasts. Recently I've been digging on Scraps and Flamvells, but I'm always game to try out a new deck idea, provided the cards don't suck lol.

Favorite Card? -
Well, for the longest time it was Tsukuyomi because I ran a deck with tons of flip summon effects in traditional format and that card helped me out so much. As far as right now, it's probably a tie between Gladiator Beast Murmillo and Scrap Dragon.

About Me -
I am a full time University student with a part-time job to boot. That being said, I don't get to play Yugioh as much as I want. Nevertheless, I still keep up with Yugioh news and trends and play whenever I get the chance. When I'm not playing yugioh or working on schoolwork, I enjoy chilling with my friend, listening to loud music, watching anime and reading manga amongst other things. I have a really good sense of humor and like to make jokes, sometimes at the expense of others. To some I might come off as a jack ass, but really I'm a laid back kind of guy once you get to know me. Also, I never make jokes about anyone that I know can't deal with it. I live in Northwest/Northcentral Ohio depending on if I'm at my university or not. When home, I play at Line Drive Sport Cards or with my friends. During school, I play at Medina. If anyone wants to duel me/talk to me about yugioh over skype or facebook or whatever, just get ahold of me.

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Name's Desra: Pleasure to Duel You Empty Re: Name's Desra: Pleasure to Duel You

Post  Kaine-TSH on Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:44 pm

Sup Aaron thanks for signing up kid. If you need anything hit me up!

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