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Post  DarkTyler on Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:56 pm

Name - Tyler "Mitch" McCall

Age - 14

Location - Whitehall, Oh

How long have you been playing Yugioh? - Ever Since it came out. I played pokemon with my neighbors every weekend then yugioh came and we went staight to it and played it for a few years then they faded away from yugioh and i didnt, in 5th grade i went to a store called darts usa and played yugioh every saturday. But then it closed down less than a year after i started going to it. I quit yugioh for less than a year and got back into it a lil bit after because some kids at my school. I then bought the tins with the free tourney passes so i decided to see if any tournaments were around me and then i found the soldiery and have been going to it for over a year and have gotten alot better at the game and have made alot of friends.

Play Style? - I Over extend a lil but if i see game in my hand i use every card to get that game winning move.

Favorite Card? - Kuriboh, He has potenial and is really kool.

About Me - I was born in Columbus moved to Whitehall at the age of 1 and have played video games and played card games ever since i could talk

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