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Rules - Read Them Before You Apply!

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Rules - Read Them Before You Apply! Empty Rules - Read Them Before You Apply!

Post  Kaine-TSH on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:59 am

Below you will find the rules and forum guidelines for Splatter House Games. We will NOT tolerate abuse from anyone directed at any member of this forum. Be warned. Breaking of these rules can result in multiple day to permanent bans.

#1) Spam. Please do NOT spam stupid stuff in the forums. Repetitive key strokes, silly ads, pornographic imagery or anything else that would offend the people of these forums.

#2) Do not bump your posts. If you make a post and someone doesn't reply right away give them a chance. Don't go through your post and repetively bump to make your thread count higher.

#3) Don't instigate or fuel a childish fight. If someone is having issues with you and causing trouble pm myself or another admin on the forum. Let us handle it and save yourself from getting a ban for something stupid.

#4) Be respectful. Don't call people names because your an elitist. There is alot of noob players (including myself) who haven't been playing since LOB and may have some odd ideas. Be mindful of there skill level and experience and help them out. Calling a person a lame, noob, stupid, jack ass, racial term or kuriboh is a very, very mean spirited thing to do.

#5) NEVER tell anyone to believe in the heart of the cards. It's silly and it's impossible for cards to have hearts unless your speaking of Change of Heart and Change of Heart is banned....get where I'm going with this. affraid

#6) Seto Kaiba COULD beat you in a duel. Nuff said.

#7) No bashing any card shop or tournament coordinator on these forums. There are ALOT of eyes in this world and I don't want to cause any grief when it comes to our places to play. If you come up with nick names for store owners like "beardy pedophile" or something along these lines keep them to yourself as no one wants to hear about said "beardy pedophile"!

#Cool When it comes to trading on these forums Splatter House Games will NOT tolerate cheating people out of cards. I know that some kids feel like Archlord Kristya has the same play value as Sonic Duck but it is NOT a good trade. Try to have some integrity and not rip people off like "other known people". Too many crooks out there already. There is to be NO selling on these forums and those who are caught BUYING and SELLING in the forums through PM's or Posts will be banned no questions asked.

#9) All your base are belong to us.

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